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For emergencies or routine maintenance, you can count on John Wulf's Septic Service to oversee all aspects of your septic system. Locally owned and serving the Greater Quad Cities and Muscatine area since 1991.

Ten Simple Steps to keep your septic system working properly

1. Locate your septic tank drain fields and keep a diagram of these locations in your records.
2. Pump your tank (use recommended chart on our website)
3. Don't put household hazardous waste in sinks or toilets
4. Use liquid laundry soap
5. Plant only grass over and near your septic. Roots will eventually get into and damage the system.
6. Don't use fininum products, personal wipes, and flushable toilet cleaners.
7. Keep vehicles and livestock off your septic. The weight can damage your tank and field lines, and your system can't drain properly with compacted soil.
8. Keep gutters and sump pumps from draining on septic tank and field lines.
9. Don't pour cooking grease down sinks.
10. Use bacteria monthly recommended by John Wulf.

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